Seek bar not working correctly when course is published in LMS

Mar 02, 2021

Seek bar is working correctly in storyline, but when I publish to the LMS and click on the seek bar it starts the video back at the beginning vs. letting the user go forward or back in the video. Has anyone experienced this and was there a fix for it? Setting in Player is set to "Allow user to drag seekbar."

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jill!

I'm happy to help! Are you finding the seekbar works when previewing for Web or LMS? Also, have you tried accessing the course on different browsers?

Here's what I'd recommend:

  • First, test the LMS link in other browsers to see if the seekbar isn't working in all browsers or a specific browser.
  • If it's happening in all browsers, try testing your course in SCORM cloudHere's more about troubleshooting your LMS with SCORM cloud.
  • If the course works as expected in SCORM cloud, then you'll want to reach out to your LMS administrator to continue troubleshooting. If it doesn't work in SCORM cloud either, I'd recommend starting a case with our Support Engineers.

Please keep us updated on your findings!