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Feb 07, 2019

Dear Articulate Storyline Team,

I would like to request if it is possible to avoid an unexpected error which occurs after previewing or publishing the project. Ussually it happens after editing the video\audio. Actually everything I do is the same (trimming, cutting), but with some videos it doesn't appear, while with others it does. Many thanks for your answer and any suggestions about what could be done. The screen with the error is attached to the letter.

Best regards, Maryna Skorokhod.


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Maryna Skorokhod

Thank you, Alyssa.  Is it possible to reinstall Storyline to another computer (which has better characteristics) without losing a license? If yes, how could that be done?  I'm afraid the error appears because of the lack of the hard disk\memory or smth like that. Thank you very much for your help!! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maryna,

Yes, you could certainly install your software on a second computer and if you are not going to use the software on the current computer, I'd uninstall to release that install as well.

Our end-user license agreement entitles a single user to install Articulate software on a maximum of two computers, such as a home computer and a work computer.

If you need to install it on additional computers or would like more than one individual to use it, you’ll need to purchase additional licenses.

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