Android Tablets - A Future We Must Deal With?

I enjoy working in Storyline, and was attracted to it initially because of the ability to deploy both Flash and HTML5 output for the iPad with minimal effort. It is apparent in both education and industry that we must accept that many end users will be foremost on a tablet.

However I believe we must now face the inevitibility that tablets other than the iPad are here to stay. iPad now represent less than 50% of tablet sales (see Forbes). Organizations, especially in education, are looking for an inexpensive way to put a device in every user's hand, and the fact that Android tablets are cheaper means that they are gaining ground.

iPad output brought me to Storyline. But if I had to chose again and I knew the situation with Android, I would have to consider other alternatives that are saying they work on Android (such as RapidIntake). I don't know what the problems are with the issue, and realize that HTML5 may not be entirely standardized, but I think that Storyline will need to deal with this soon in order to continue its growth as eLearning tool for wide audiences.

Would others agree that this is something that needs to be addressed?

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Peter Anderson

Thanks for the feedback, Dane. I agree with you completely, and feature requests for a native Android app are amongst the most popular received. 

It's not our policy to disclose future plans, but our developers are well aware of the growing Android market, and delivering you the best software for use on an array of devices will always be a top priority for us. 

So in the meantime, keep those feature requests coming

Thanks again for your feedback, Dane!

Todd Thornton

For the visual learners. Of course next year will likely include Ubuntu and Firefox.  

@peter  Not trying to be a trouble maker and probably preaching to the choir, but I would argue one shouldn't really have to submit a feature request when the Android market share is now over 70%. (At least on Smartphones) (70.1% to be exact)