Animate shapes on results slide based on correct answers

Dec 03, 2016

Is there a way to show a certain number of shapes on a quiz results slide that corresponds to the number of correct answers? For example, if there are 4 quiz questions and someone gets 1 correct, I’d like 1 block to fly in on the results slide. If they get 2 correct, I’d like 2 blocks to fly in, etc.

Then is it possible to build on this with another set of questions and another set of blocks? I’d like the specific number of blocks from the first results slide to show on another results slide so that more blocks are added depending on number of correct answers to additional questions?

A SL2 sample of what I’m trying to do is attached. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Nancy Woinoski

Yes this is doable, you have to create a true/false variable for each of the questions. Change the initial state to false. Then on each question slide you need to add a trigger to change the varaible for that question to true when the user clicks the submit button if the value of the correct radio button is selected.

Then on the first results slide, you have to set the state of each block to hidden and then add triggers to change the state of each block to normal when the timeline starts if the variable for that question is equal to true.

You then have to do the same thing for the second results slide.

I have set this up for you in the attached story file so that you can see what I am talking about. The trigger order on the question slides is important - the trigger to change the variable must come before the submit interaction trigger. 

If you want the user to be able to try the quiz again then you are going to have to add even more triggers to reset the question variables back to false. This will require a trigger on each question slide to adjust the variable to false when the timeline starts - this will have to be the first trigger in the list - I have not set this up for you in the sample file.

Also, from a design perspective, I think the blocks are going to look odd if the user gets some of the questions wrong because there will be gaps in which no blocks display. If I were doing this I would probably have the blocks on the screen in a grayed out state and then change the colour for the ones that are correct.

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