Animations to coincide with video timing

Nov 27, 2017

Hi there everyone,

On a slide with a video, I've got call-outs and "next" buttons  showing up at certain points of the video.  However, I'd like the timing to coincide with the video itself, rather than the slide.  

Is there a way to do this?  The only trigger I see is "...when media completes".  When what I really need is "...when media reaches x-seconds"

Is there a way to do this? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erin!

I've got some ideas for you, depending on how the slide is set up.

  • If the video plays automatically when the slide begins:
    Set the objects to appear when the slide timeline reaches X seconds, or adjust the start time of the objects on the timeline. 
  • If the video plays when the learner clicks on it:
    Put a screenshot of the video on the base layer, and move the video itself to a slide layer. Add a trigger to show the video layer when the screenshot is clicked. 

    Then, put the call-outs and next button on the video layer, and adjust the start time of those objects on the timeline. 

Let me know if one of those methods will work with your set-up!

Walt Hamilton

Probably the only to be absolutely certain, without a mountain of extra work is to start a new slide when the video starts (duplicate the slide and delete anything that is gone by the time the video starts), and start another new slide when the video ends. That way, the slide time is the video time no matter what the learner does. Use "When timeline reaches ..." for your triggers, and everything will work as it should.

Erin Mahabir

Thanks for the replies.  I'm still not sure this is accomplishing what I'm looking for.  

The user has access to the video controls (can skip forward in the video... For instance, they can to go to the 30-second mark) 

Let's say I have a text pop-up that I want to have appear 35-seconds into the video.  If I put that trigger to align with the SLIDE timing, it's not going to pop up at the correct time of the video (because they skipped ahead).  

If the answer is "that feature doesn't exist yet" that's a completely fine answer; I just want to know so I'm not wasting time trying to do something that is impossible LOL! 

Thanks everyone. :) 

Walt Hamilton

If you are willing/able to use the slide seekbar instead of the video seekbar, this is very simple. Match the slide length to the video length, hide the video controls, and the slide time IS the video time. The user can scrub the seekbar back and forth and jump to different times in the video.

If you are not, it is impossible.

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