Another update, another new bug?

Jun 24, 2018

The setup, which was working previous to the last update:

A slide with voiceover (TTS, for now), introducing a video on the next screen. A trigger is in place to advance to the next screen when the media (TTS MP3 file) completes.

After the latest update, this trigger no longer works in HTML5. It does work in Flash. Also, if memory serves, it also works in preview mode.

I have tried deleting the trigger and redoing it; also deleting the MP3 file and redoing it.

Ironically, on the screen with the video, there's a trigger to advance to the next screen when the media completes -- but this media is the MP4 video. This works just fine.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Update, five hours later ...

So I changed the trigger from When Media Ends to When Timeline Ends. That works okay. But then when it advances to the next screen, the MP4 video, set to play automatically, does not play. Seek bar moves, however, and clicking on the seek bar causes the video to play.

I'm now going to try rolling back to an earlier version.

Update, Next Morning ...

After rolling back to the May 22 build (3.16), I see no issues with automatically advancing to the next screen ... but there's still a problem with getting the video (it's on the 4th screen, if that matters) to play automatically in Chrome (build  67.0.3396.87 - 64 bit).

The video autoplays in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge. Perhaps this is a new thing with Chrome ...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the additional testing and updating us here. 

Are there any user interactions prior to that 4th slide where your video is set to automatically play? I know Chrome's autoplay rules for media are a bit confusing, so it's possible you're still hitting that snag.  Our team is also looking into a similar issue where a video does not autoplay if the previous slide is set to advance automatically in Chrome only on the first launch.  This  example works fine in Flash and the HTML5 works in Edge, IE and FF. 

It sounds like you may be experiencing the same thing, so I'd love to get my hands on your project file to take a look. That way our team can also use your file as a test as they look into this issue more.

Let me know if you can upload it here! 

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