Any ideas to test for basic skills

Mar 06, 2013

I want to develope a course which can test a users basic skills in computing.  They can only complete the course if they pass all sections.

The first section is moving the mouse across the screen and clciking in the centre of a dart board.

Second, draging numbers so they are in sequence.

Third, Identifying MS Office icons.  I have questions like which Icon opens word etc.

Fourth sending and email.

Any ideas what other exercises I could include?

Thank you


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Alicia Pennington


Happy Wednesday afternoon! 

"Basic computer skills" can mean a wide variety of things.  It all depends on what field you're in and how you're learners are expected to use a computer.  Do they need to know how to respond to an email?  Add an attachment to an email?  Make and/or accept a calendar appointment?

Are there any company-specific programs they'll be using, such as an intranet to look for human resources information or payroll information?

Make it a great night.


Ken Stafford

Hmm Wednesday evening for me off to bed soon!!!  lol

I work for the NHS over here and some staff have no computer experience at all.  Eventually they will be expected to use clinical and other software but first of all I wanted to setup a basic skills test so we can find and concentrate on the staff who are either affraid of computers or just will not use them or have no knowledge in using computers even at a basic level.

Thanks for your reply Alicia. I will use the email bit a little further on in the test, assuming they can reach that stage.

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