Any way to make text entry flexible?

Hi, in a software simulation I am creating (test mode), I want text entries being very flexible, for example, that the field admits something written in lower case, uper case, with final point/no point, and even anything typed by the user. Is there a kind of "wildcard" trick in the text entry control that allows me this flexibility? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel,

Great question and I could see alot of value in that - but there is not a "wild card" option. If you were to insert a "fill in the blank" style question (screen recording capture exactly what you type/enter) you could choose up to 10 possible answers, so perhaps that could account for some of the "wild card" set ups you're looking for. Similarly you are welcome to share your thoughts in the form of a feature request here. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Daniel -- Thanks for reaching out! While I am not aware of any 'wildcard' trick and would leave it to your fellow community members to assist you further there, I did want to pass along this info on Text Entry. And with respects to Upper or lower case responses, please see the following: 

Step 2:  Define Acceptable Answers

Type the acceptable answers for the text entry question into the answer grid.  And if the acceptable answers are case-sensitive, be sure to mark the Answers are case sensitive check box in the lower right corner of the window.

Hope that helps a bit!  :)

Daniel Albarran

Thanks Ashley, I still have the issue (the "whoops" page). I´ll appreciate if you tell them a pair of suggestions:

  1. Please make a "Preview next five slides" feature, like in Captivate
  2. Please make text entry so flexible that gives the option of wildcard characters, or "any entered text" 




Christie Pollick

Hi, Daniel -- Thanks so much for your feedback! May I ask if you have tried using a different browser to submit your Feature Request form? Sometimes that will do the trick!

At any rate, sorry to hear you are having difficulties! As such, I would be happy to go ahead and submit a Feature Request ticket with the ideas you have shared above on your behalf. :)