Anyone with SCORM issues with Saba 5.4?

Dec 03, 2012

My team recently discovered an issue with the way Storyline's SCORM code works in our Saba LMS (5.4).  My understanding is that Saba follows SCORM exactly and that the issue is likely with Storyline (?).

The problem occurs if I have a course that uses a post-assessment with a minimum score required to pass. There are 2 issues:

1.If a user exits the course before even answering a post-assessment question, the course sends the LMS a score of 0 (instead of "incomplete," as I'm told it's supposed to).

2. If a user FAILS the post-assessment, the correct score is sent, but it still marks the content 'complete' in the user history--as in they completed the course, but were not successful. Reviewing this will show they didn't pass the course, but it should remain 'InProgress'/Unsuccessful in this case.

Both of these issues cause the course to be moved out of the user's 'In Progress' training to their learning history, so they think they finished the course, even though they did not successfully complete the post-assessment.

We found a workaround within the LMS to only mark the content module complete if the score is met, but the end result is still that the code seems to be incorrectly A) sending a score of 0 when the post-assessment has not even been attempted, and B) telling the LMS the course has been completed even if the user didn't pass.

Has anyone experienced this or can shed some light on this issue for me?


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Gerry Wasiluk

Just so everyone knows, there was an issue with Storyline HTML5 content launching in some versions of Saba (we were testing 5.5) with an iPad and using Saba player templates like the Empty Player and the System Defined  player, especially when separate content servers external to the LMS were used to host content. The content would appear to freeze up at launch.

Articulate fixed the issue with Update 3.  As always, Articulate was very responsive in addressing the issue.  Great support!

Roger Corpas

Hi Gerry and fellow storyliners,

Have you done any SABA testing after the new update? Is the old patch still working as usual? I am working on a course right now and I am noticing some small things when I publish for SCORM 1.2 but I am not sure if this is just me.

Before the update, I used to be able to publish from Storyline to SCORM 1.2. I always used the patch Articulate creted for SABA.

This is what I am noticing, when I published my course a few weeks ago, the number of attempts on the content increased every time I launched the course. Right now, when I publish the content and upload it to an offering in SABA, the number of attempts stays at 1 and the results are rewritten every time.

I thought I would just copy the patch again as indicated in the instructions above. First, I copied the patch into my published content and then the LMS folder in my the Storyline program files and when I did the content would not launch.

Has anybody experience this? Is there a way to go back to the way it was before?

Thank you for any tips.

Thijs Aarts

Hi, I saw a doc in this post from Gerryv Wasiluk about how to alter a Storyline export to have it work in Saba. The doc file is written for SCORM 1.2. Is there also a step by step description of how to do this for SCORM 2004. Can I use the same SCORMFunctions.js function as referred to in the doc? Is there anyone still experiencing issues with Saba and is there a solution?

Dave Cox

Hi Thijs,

My organization is still using SABA 5.5. I'm still using SCORM 1.2, because this version of SABA still didn't support SCORM 2004. I haven't had any problems with running it, and the only modification that I've made to the SCORM files are to add a function to report the question text.

SCORM 1.2 functions are in the SCORMFunctions.js file. SCORM 2004 functions are located in the SCORM2004Functions.js file. You can try to modifiy that file to do what you want. With my experimenting, I found that SABA 5.5 doesn't like SCORM 2004, so I haven't tried to do anything more with it.

Thijs Aarts

Thanks for your reply,

Unfortunately I can't use SCORM 1.2 since the latest verion of Storyline creates a SCORM 1.2 package that makes the suspend data exceed quite fase. I've used the debug function and found out it uses up to 270 characters per question and only a little bit less for regular slides. My course isn't that big, only 15 questions, but in SCORM 1.2 because of a suspend data error it can't keep track of your progress throughout the entire lesson. In previous versions of Storyline the amount of data it stored per question was way less, but that has changed apparantly because of new features it needs to keep track of as well. I've made all kinds of changes to limit the amount of data it needs to store per questions like reducing the amount of layers, use 'reset to initial state' as much as possible and use short timelines but still I get a suspend data error after about 10 questions. That's why I decided to use SCORM 2004 instead, as Articulate suggested. I knew Saba had some issues with SCORM 2004, but it does support it and it works fine with courses from other authoring tools like Captivate and Lectora. Only my Storyline courses fail when published in SCORM 2004. Due to all these issues and difficulties I have to admit I really really don't want to work with Articulate Storyline anymore, but unfortunately my client does use this tool and wants the courses to be made in Storyline. I really hope Articulate will improve their software asap, as well as many many other flaws the software has and very limited features and settings. I have to admit it is user friendly if you want to make something really simple and are lucky enough to not stumble upon these publish issues. If you do, it just feels like your trapped since the program gives you no options and I can't seem to find a descent solution online. I appreciate the people on the fora who discuss issues and reply to questions, but still it seems like I have to go through a maze of information and old posts instead of a descent helpfile or instructions that would help me.

Lee Corbett

Hi All...I see there are some historic issues with SABA and Storyline. I have a SL 360 course published to SCORM 1.2 with a complete/incomplete tracked using a completion button on the last slide and when SABA opens the course it completes it before it gets to the end. Does anyone have any experience with this? It sound to me like a completion parameter within the LMS but I don;t know much about SABA I am afraid.

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