Anyway to use a Variable to populate a Text Entry Box

Sep 12, 2014

This may be a weird one, but I would like to use a variable (that is an aggregate score from a Jeopardy Game) to populate a Text Entry Box in a Quiz Question so that I can send a "pass/fail" to the LMS.

The Jeopardy Questions are all on sub-layers, so I unfortunately can't utilize the "Convert to Freeform" to make those graded questions.

My thought was to take the score that is calculated by the variable %TotalPoints% and have that auto-populate a "Numeric Quiz Question" slide.

I can't seem to make this work. Does anyone have experience with this, or possibly another approach?



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Frank Pietrantoni

Hi Phil and thanks for responding.

I can't seem to find how to set a trigger to assign the value of the %TotalPoints% variable to the TextEntry box.

I must be missing something...but all I see are these options:

Also, my variable %TotalPoints% isn't a data entry field per se. It's a variable that "holds" the learner's score of correct answers; each time the correct button is clicked, points are added to the %TotalPoints% variable.

Frank Pietrantoni

I did find that if I created a numeric entry box, that I could indeed assign that variable the value of the %TotalPoints% variable:

But I can't assign the %TotalPoints% to the quiz questions' TextEntry box. It appears that due to the design of this game (which was created by another E-Learning Hero ), all I can do is direct the learner to enter their score into the TextEntry box (so that the results slide will return the appropriate pass/fail result to the LMS).

Tracy Parish

You can try it like this, but it's not the way I would prefer.

As an answer is chosen the SCORE variable value (which needs to be a text variable) is adjusted. Then I created a textentry quiz slide that grabs the "score value" they have achieved by answering (clicking button).

To pass the Score Variable to this TextEntry variable, they have to both be text based. That's why the Score variable is a text and not a number. A number variable would be easier...answer this question and add 2 to it, answer this question and add 5 to it...etc.

It's a clunky solution, but it works and might give you further ideas to play with to come up with the solution that does meet your needs.

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