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Apr 23, 2014

Dear Articulate,

We experience export problems with using Storyline on an Apple using Parallels Desktop. Export itself seems to go okay and playing the export files locally seems fine. Although, if we import this into Moodle we get a white screen, also publishing on temp share here at Articulate gives us 99%, and it gets stuck in the last percentage.

Can you help us out here. Not being able to export from an apple for me / not being able to use the export files is quite problematic. If we export the final Story file on a PC there is no issue at all.

Please look at an example of export files to see what goes wrong at:

If you need anything else please let me know.

It would be of great help if we can get some feedback on this issue!

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Judith,

First off, I want to confirm that you're referring to publishing your files as I want to confirm we're discussing the same thing, and I'm not sure where you'd be exporting from/to. Here are directions on how to publish for LMS, so please confirm you're following those directions. 

Also, you'll want to confirm you're working with local project files (local to the Windows side) as described here and review these other best practices for working within Parallels. 

Judith Sanders

Hi Ashley, Thanks for your reply!

Sorting it out right now. Publishing for LMS was all configured fine, I think our problem lies in the shared profile settings of my virtual machine. That's at least what the article says what's causing problems.

I'll reply again to this post after testing the new files on Moodle.

Thanks again!

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