Apply Feedback master to multiple slides at once

Hi everybody,

due to request from our client we have adapted text and style of the Feedback in 'Try-mode'-simulations and quizes.

I was looking for an efficient method to take over a new feedback master to all simulation and quiz-slides. 

The only approach I could identify is to manually change the assigned feedback master slide-by-slide and feedback layer-by-feedback layer, which is a big pain. Does anybody know of a way how to do that to multiple slides at once, as is possible with the normal slide master?

When I mark multiple slides to assign the feedback master to them, storyline always reverts back to the base layer - so I cannot assign the feedback master to the feeback layers of multiple slides at once.

I would highly appreciate, if anybody has found a nifty solution to this problem and could share it :-)!

Kind regards,


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Marcus Miller

Hi Phil,

thanks for your response. I did that but unfortunately it is not automatically applied. As with normal slide masters, you can have multiple feedback-masters being "alive" in your content (each one being 'in use' for some slides). Now that I want to consolidate the feedback master to only use one template, I am looking for a way to do that. 

Kind regards,

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steve,

This conversation is a bit dated and I wanted to start a new dialog with you to understand what you may be having difficulty with and what update you are asking about from Phil.

I'd love to be able to help you out :)

If you are following up on the initial question of applying a feedback master to multiple layers at a time, there has not been an update to that functionality.

Adan Elul

Hello, I am also having a struggle with this thing at this moment. So I have to update few hundreds of courses, that regards changing the default correct/incorrect slide of each quiz slide. I have opened Feedback Master, imported the new correct/incorrect slides into it, and deleted the old feedback slides. Tho, this does not update the slides with the new desired correct/incorrect slides. I have to go to each slide, and from Layer tab to replace the wastes of default feedback with the new desired feedback style. 
Pretty bad to do all this manually on about 7500 quiz slides. 

Heather Vogt

I'm trying to create a handful of feedback masters to use across quizzes across multiple projects at a future date. I must be doing something wrong because Preserve doesn't actually preserve the feedback master when I try to apply it a new project.

How do you create a feedback master from scratch and have it apply to new projects? All the tutorials I've seen don't use the tweaked feedback master outside of the project it was created in. Thanks for any help!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Heather! Preserving the feedback master will save it in the current file, but it won't be available in new files. 

Instead, if you want to reuse a custom feedback master in new files, try saving that Storyline file as a template. Then, when you start a new file, you can open the template and begin from there.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Heather!

You would actually save the entire Storyline file as a template (not individual slides). Use the Save as type drop-down to choose Storyline Template (.storytemplate).

Then, when you're ready to use the template, double-click the .storytemplate file. It’ll automatically launch in Storyline.