Applying Custom Font Defaults to Open Sans

Jun 06, 2016

Hello! I'm using a custom font in SL2. However, when I go to apply it, it changes the font to Open Sans 12, even if it's unformatted text or text I've just typed into a text box. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

(And no, I'm not working with slide masters, and no, that's not option at this time with this course. I know... I know... Bad developer!)

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Bobbi Vernon

I have.

After a bit more poking around, the quirk is only happening in layers. The solution I've found to circumvent the issue:

  • insert a new text box and add two words
  • format the two words using the custom font
  • copy the existing text in Storyline that won't accept the new font and paste it, unformatted, in Word
  • copy that unformatted text
  • select one of the two words formatted in Storyline using the custom font and do Ctrl+Shift+V


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