Applying manual/auto advance slide settings

I have about 80 slides in 6 different lessons.  I set the slide properties so that at the end of each slide the presentation would automatically advance to the next slide/. EXCEPT on the last slide of each of the 6 lessons I want the user to click "next".  I set it all up this way and checked every slide, but once I publish it, all slides go back to manual advance. anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Contacted Platinum support almost 2 hours ago and they're still working on it. I figured it's an easy question and the forum might be faster!



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matt -- Thanks for reaching out here! I see that Ryan has replied to your case #00741009 with some project-specific suggestions for you to consider. I'll refrain from sharing the sample files he has created here, as your courses may contain client-sensitive content. Please reply within your case and I'll be sure to follow along! :)