Are (answered) quiz pages stored somewhere on PC or inside an LMS (so not only the results)?

Nov 16, 2023

Hi Community, I made a small E-learning with a quiz at the end.

After finishing that quiz, my students can review all questions and their given answers.

That works fine.

Do you know if these 'pages' (question and given answers) are stored IN the LMS, or just locally on the students computer?

Due to educational rules in our country it would be great as we as a school would have access to these (filled in) quiz pages for at least 2 years.

We use Canvas as an LMS.


Does anyone has any experience with this topic?


Kind regards,


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Judy Nollet
Nicole van Santen

So when my 'learner' views all the questions and given answers AFTER he made the quiz, he sees what (HTML content) is stored local on his computer?

All of the course content is in the LMS. How it looks is updated based on the programming. Depending on its settings, a web browser stores some data in its cache. But that data is only useful when viewing the HTML.

When a learner exits the course, Storyline stores the "suspend data" in the LMS. That allows the program to resume where it left off. 

In short, the learner isn't going to find anything from the course on their laptop.