Articulate 360 Desktop App not closing?

Dec 09, 2019

Morning everyone,

Sorry if this has been posted already ( I couldn't seem it to find it anywhere). For what ever reason in Windows 10, the app will not close when you click the red close button.

Any ideas?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bailey,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the errors you are running into with your desktop app.

The first issue with closing is one we are aware of and our team is working to correct. I've attached this conversation to the report so that we can pop in with any updates we have in the future. In the meantime, you can close it is by right-clicking on the icon from the system tray then click on Quit.

You also mentioned an issue with signing in. This article outlines the common issues you may run into and how to resolve them.

Let us know which one of these works for you or if you need any further help.

Ren Gomez
Hi Bailey, 
Jumping in here to let you know that we just released Update 35 for the Articulate 360 Desktop App! Here are the details.
One of the fixes addresses the issue where the Articulate 360 desktop app wouldn't always minimize to the system tray when clicking the Close (X) button.
Just launch Articulate 360 on your computer and click the Update button!

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