Articulate 360 Desktop Version - Recording Audio When Co-Author Is Remote (and does not have 360)


I am authoring a simple course with a scenario between a manager and an employee.

My project partner was supposed to fly to my location to record, but we recently learned that his travel request was denied. We both have a microphone, but I am the only one with a software license.

I realize he could record audio clips separately and send them to me to integrate - but we thought the audio might sound clunky vs. a smooth discussion. Due to our firm security, I am using Articulate 360 Desktop version on Windows 10.

Any tips or instructions for recording audio remotely?

Thanks in advance!

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Christian Herman

DISCLAIMER: Unless you both can achieve near-dead acoustics, differences in acoustic environments and equipment will likely result in your and your partner's audio having different amounts and qualities of background noise, echo, and volume.

Take a page from the music industry and create a scratch track. The two of you get on Skype or something and record the script live. The audio doesn't need to be quality, just so you can get the timing and react to each other. Each of you then listens to the scratch track while recording your lines locally. You can then use Audacity or some other audio program to edit the clips together.

Another option is similar. Get on Skype or whatever and run through your script, but each of you record the audio locally while on Skype. In this circumstance, it would probably be easiest to host the Skype call using your phone while wearing headphones, so there's no chance your hot mic picks up the other end of the conversation.