Articulate 360 freezes on last question

I have converted several Quizemaker 3 quizzes to Articulate 360 (HTML 5, no flash fallback). Last week it was reported to me that the Storyline 360 assessments were having a problem. The last question in the assessment--one a matching drag and drop and another with a sequencing drag and drop question-- does not advance to the results page when the user clicks "next". The trigger is Jump to next slide when user clicks or swipes next. The next slide is the results slide. The assessment/story is published as HTML5 only. I tried one assessment and it did hang/freeze on the matching question in review mode, but not while completing the assessment. In the other, the last question froze when I clicked "next". Do you have any suggestions for resolving the issue?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Nicole!

I'm happy to help! There could be a trigger causing this freeze depending on what the next action is set to. It could be helpful to see your project to provide an exact solution. Would you mind sharing the .story files privately? Here's a secure upload link. You'll receive a notification once we've received the file.