Articulate 360 programs Crashing at Launch

Nov 11, 2016

We've downloaded the trial and installed it. When launching Storyline 360, Replay 360 or Peek, they all crash before fully launching. Specifically, Storyline 360 will crash when "Adding Views" during startup.

Now, I am on a virtual machine since I am on a Mac and our team is very disappointed that Articulate has not made Storyline available to Mac environments as well as PC at this point. I love PC, but the reality is my company is a Mac company. So I really hope this is not a VM issue.

OS: Windows 7

Anyone else having this problem?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pauly! So glad to hear you downloaded a trial of Storyline 360, and I'm sorry you're experiencing these issues before you've even had a chance to play around with all the new features! 

I would recommend that you run a repair of Storyline 360. If you run into any trouble or continue to see this happen after running that repair, it would be best to get in touch with our Support Engineers here so they can work with you to resolve this as quickly as possible. They are rockstars and you'll be in great hands! :) 

Ali Goulet

Hi Pauly!

So sorry to hear that you're still encountering this issue. I took a look into your case (00942817) with Karla and it looks like she had requested logs from you to dig a bit deeper into why this is occurring. Please let me know if you didn't receive the email with those instructions so I can have Karla send it out again. Thanks for your assistance in this while we investigate with you, we definitely want to get you up and running as quickly as possible! 

Ali Goulet

Hi Kazeem!

Thanks so much for reaching out here, so sorry you're encountering this issue. I see that you contacted our Support Engineers a couple times regarding this trouble installing. Were you able to run through these steps Gren sent you for case number 00945057? If you're continuing to see this issue after following those steps, please reply back to her and let her know so she can continue working with you to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I'll also be following along with your case. If you didn't receive her email, take a quick peek in your spam or junk box as sometimes they get filtered there. Keep me posted. Thanks! :)

Pauly Barnes

I have tried the 360cleanup method and that did not work, we have moved on to collecting the Logs and sending them into Articulate for them to diagnose.

I promise I will keep this thread updated on our progress. We have an entire team that is ansy to upgrade, but we obviously need to ensure it will work first.

Pauly Barnes

Alright, just finished my PHASE 3 of the troubleshooting process. Essentially, I was asked to uninstall all copies of Microsoft Visual C++ and Articulate 360 software. Then I needed to reinstall Articulate 360 along with Storyline 360 and test.

Same problem. Awaiting Support Engineer response. The good thing is, is there working with us.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robert,

Sorry you're having trouble with Articulate 360 on your Mac virtual machine! Can you help me with a few questions?

We want to get you up and running right away, so the fastest way to get help is through our Support team here. They're rockstars, and you'll be in good hands! Be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along. 

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