Articulate 360 Review quiz button not working on publish in chrome

Mar 02, 2017

I have seen many problems like this in the discussion but don't see an answer I can use. Over and over again, my review quiz button does not work - this is really frustrating me and my almost 100 students. They are taking their final on Tuesday so I am making them a quiz laden module for practice and must have it working before tomorrow so I can post it for them before school is out. I do not want them to be frustrated with this problem again. Ideas? Thank you VERY MUCH.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Robin!

Sorry this is causing you and your students headaches! I put together a quick sample quiz for you to test in Chrome - try this link, and let me know if the Review Quiz button works for you. 

Have you noticed that your Review Quiz button works well in other browsers? Is your content hosted in an LMS? If so, you may want to look at testing it in another environment such as SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard for LMS testing. You can review the directions here to help you go through that testing. 

And if you're still having trouble, please feel free to attach your .story file here, and I'll take a closer look!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robin,

Thanks so much for sharing your file with me. I tested your file in Chrome with HTML5 and found that I, too, was not able to review the quiz. After a little digging, I found a known issue in Storyline 360 where the Review Quiz button will not work when you set your player to "Never resume" on restart when the content is viewed with HTML5. 

We’re still working on this bug, and we’ll definitely let you know when we know more. In the meantime, you can switch the player to "Always resume" on restart, and your learners will be able to review the quiz. 

Robin Wooten

Unfortunately - using never resume IS the way I need to go, Often the
students use shared computers - if they always resume then the second
student (and so on) to use the computer will get a free pass and no learning value. So it is NOT an option. When is this going to be fixed? The value of this software is greatly decreased without this functionality.

Robin Wooten

To elucidate - never resume, pass set to 100%, review quiz is the magic combination for me - the whole reason I purchased this. Many students don't care what grade they get but they will get pressure from Mom and Dad if they don't submit their homework at all. They cannot get to the survey site in the module to record their info until they pass their quiz with 100%. Suddenly students are forced to get the right answer and I know they have at least seen or interacted with the right answer. However, the trade-off is that I ABSOLUTELY need them to be able to review the quiz. Otherwise, it will become too frustrating (many are poor notetakers and may not have access to the right answers). I do not want these to be long, frustrating, futile confidence-wiping episodes - students should have easy access to the right answers and build confidence by getting all 100%s on their homework. With the review quiz option, this is possible. They actually like doing their homework this way and feel they really learn from it. I and my students REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED this combo to work as described.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin,

Are you students logging into the LMS to first access the course? The LMS should be able to prevent the same user from taking the course again, so that way multiple students could be taking it on the same computer as long as they log out of their LMS account and then the other students would be prompted to log in to take the quiz? Hopefully that's one way around the issue while our team investigates a fix for the behavior - and once we've got additional updates or information to share on that we'll be sure to share here! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robin,

I’m really sorry that I can’t make a firm commitment to resolve this problem, but I'll certainly advocate for this bug in my next meeting with the Quality Assurance team. We're careful about testing new updates to make sure we don't put other features at risk, and I don't want to commit to a date before we have a fix finalized. You're in the right place, and we’ll share as much as we can, as soon as we can! 

Judy Tapio

I, also, have been having trouble with "Review" for weeks.   It's very frustrating when the "Review" button is there, but will not do anything!   I worked around it on several smaller quizzes by removing the "Review" option and doing individual feedback for each question.  The 4 quizzes I have left to publish for this course are final practice exams, and I really need the "Review" button to work now!  I opened a case today, but have not heard back with a resolution yet.  This definitely needs to be addressed!  I googled "Articulate Review won't work" and found another community section that recommended trying a different publishing format.  I switched from HTML/Flash to Flash/HTML under Formats on the Publish page.  It now seems to be working when published!! Yeah!  So if anyone else is having this problem, you might try that.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Judy,

Did you also have the "never resume" prompt enabled in your Studio 360 courses? That is something our team has seen and we're looking into further. As you noticed, it's only occurring within the HTML5 output, and so the current suggestion is to look at publishing for Flash first while we investigate.

I see that you were also working with Rowie on this case, and that Rowie shared an example he created that did work successfully - so I'm going to double check with him around the publishing options used as it wasn't clear as a part of your support case. I'm sorry for that misstep, but I appreciate you letting us know that you were also in a case so that we could close the loop on that and look at clarifying what set up allowed the "review" functionality to work as we'd expect. 

Depending on priority and risk, some bugs can be fixed quickly, while others take longer to resolve. Here's more information on how we identify and tackle bugs.

I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on this issue, and I’m sorry if it’s slowing you down.

Judy Tapio

I tried publishing three times with all three setting: "prompt to resume", "always resume", and "never resume". In all three instances "Review" worked properly using Flash publishing with HTML5 backup. "Review" did not work when using HTML5 with Flash backup. Hope that helps.

All 4 of my quizzes that were not publishing "Review" correctly are now published just fine (Review is working) with Flash with HTML backup publishing format.

Judy Tapio

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Will Findlay

A browser "cookie" is an odd name for a setting that a website is allowed to keep on your computer.  It's the way a website remembers who you are. So if you turn off your browser "cookies," websites are unable to store information on your computer. In this case, even though a course is set to resume, if cookies are turned off, the course would be unable to save where you left off. Here is how to turn off/on cookies:

In the type of scenario mentioned by the original post author, it sounds like Robin might be able to temporarily turn browser cookies off while students are using this module as they are using shared computers.

Judy Tapio

I know what cookies are, I meant Incognito Window. I don't know what that is. However, I do not have the same situation as Robin. My courses are in a LMS online. No one shares the same computer. My situation is now resolved using a different publishing format. I hope that will work for anyone else experiencing this problem until they get a fix for Articulate 360. It is so frustrating when you cannot get something to work properly. I spent the entire day yesterday trying all kinds of things to make "Review" work.  

Will Findlay

There are other downsides though when publishing Flash first with HTML5 backup. One is that Google is trying to get people to stop using Flash by going through a confusing series of updates to Chrome (confusing to me at least) this year that may potentially mean users will have to accept a prompt to run any Flash content.

See this post for example:

David Silverman

Hi Alyssa, I am having a similar issue to the original poster.

I do not want my learners to be able to quit out of the quiz and then come back to it and pick up where they left off, since that would allow them to potentially look up answers without the time ticking down. With that in mind, I also used the "Never Resume" setting, and it is preventing me from using the Review option.

In my situation I am using my course in an LMS(eLogic essential), and I am using it in Chrome. Is there any other way to prevent users from resuming a course where they left off so that I can sue the Review option?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there David,

Thanks for checking in with us on this. I don't have any new information just yet, but we'll definitely keep you posted. For now, if you want to use the "Never Resume" setting, you'll want to publish Flash first with HTML5 backup since this bug doesn't happen in Flash. I also wanted to point out Justin's recommendations here in regards to viewing Flash content in Chrome:

  • Learners can follow the on-page instructions to right-click the screen and allow the Flash content to run.
  • Learners can view the course in a different browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Erik Savage

Exact same problem as everyone else. HTML5 review button does not work. Flash review button works.

"Resume" setting is irrelevant. 

In my case this forces me to publish in "Flash only" because I can't risk a user "falling back" to HTML5 and not getting the review button.

I'm not sure which is more "broken", no HTML5 or no review button.

Is there an ETA when this bug will be fixed? I've been waiting 2 months, other people longer.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erik,

I'm sorry you're hitting this roadblock! You mentioned the resume setting is irrelevant, but we're seeing that this only happens when the resume setting is "Never Resume".

In this example, the resume setting is "Prompt to Resume," and the review buttons works normally.

If you're finding that the resume button in your file doesn't work with any resume setting, we'd definitely want to take a look at your file. Would you be willing to share it with us here? 

Erik Savage

The Example link you above doesn't work/ is dead.

I am having this problem in PRESENTER. Not storyline.

Could you please show me a working example of a review button on a published PRESENTER quiz?

If you can do that, THEN i will upload "my file". It seems backwards and time consuming for me to prove your software doesn't work. Seems easier for you to prove to me it does.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erik! I apologize for the broken link. I used Tempshare to host the published file, and the link is only active for 10 days. 

Thanks for letting me know you're using Presenter, and I'm sorry you're having trouble with the Review button there. I created a sample file in Presenter, and the Review button is working correctly in the HTML5 output. Please click here to test the output on Tempshare. Also, you can view a screen recording of my testing here. 

If you'd rather share your Articulate Package privately, you can do so by clicking here. Our Support Engineers are available 24/7 to assist!

Erik Savage

Thank you for confirmation of a working review button.

I created/attached a similar sample file. Review button still not working when i publish. Let me know if it works when you do.

Edit: I've managed to get the review button to work when publishing to "articulate 360". Which doesn't help me as i need to publish to an LMS. In this case, Scorm 1.2. Attached are published presentations in the 4 options for LMS output. AICC, Scorm 1.2, Scorm 2004, and Tin Can API.

Out of the 4 LMS publish options, the Quiz Review Button ONLY works in Tin Can API.

Can you please confirm a working Quiz Review Button (like the link you provided before) but in a presentation published for LMS (specifically Scorm 1.2)?

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