Articulate 360 trial on Mac running Parallel: screen recording function does not work

Hi there,

I am testing Articulate Storyline 360 at the moment and I am using the free trial version. I use a Mac and run Parallel.

When I use the screen recording function it does not record any image. It records audio only. I've tried many times, with and without additional monitors attached to my computer.

Has anyone experienced this? could you suggest on how to make this work? Are free trial versions limited in functions?



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Ren Gomez

Hi Sofia,

Sorry to hear you're running into screen recording issues! A free trial of Articulate 360 should provide you with the same level of functionality for screen recording as a purchased subscription, so there should be no limitations there!

We've seen issues with screen recording when you're using a different DPI setting in the monitors and laptop screens. Can you check your DPI settings? We'd typically recommend using 100% or 96 DPI. 

You can also try a repair of Storyline 360 for a fresh copy, and if that doesn't help, feel free to reach out to our support engineers so they can dig a little deeper into your setup!