Articulate and Internet Provider Questions

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help here, basically I want to create a website with published for web Storyline content on it behind a pay wall. I don't need an LMS as tracking is not important, so a number of questions:

1. Will the published module still give the "Do you want to start where you left off" option?

2. What consideration to I need to give to my service provider i.e.) If a number of people are viewing the module at the same time is there anything server side that needs to be taken into account so speed is not affected?

3. If anyone has done this sort of thing before is there anything they can recommend.

Thanks in advance,


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Michael Hinze

Re 1: Yes, unless you change he Resume behaviour in the Player Properties, this dialog will be displayed. See some info here:

Re 2: If you intend to offer large training modules with a lot of media elements, e.g. videos to hundreds/thousands of simultaneous users, then the available bandwidth/server performance  provided by your ISP (and the connection speed of your users) may become an issue.