Articulate File wont upload to CMS

Hi!  I am a new user to Articulate Storyline, and i created a lesson and LMS published, however I can not successfully upload the file to my CMS.  I get an error saying the Articulate File isnt supported.   I am not sure what I've done wrong, and wonder if someone can look at my file and let me know?  I've attached the zipped LMS publish file here.

Thank you! 

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Mark Rone Glino

Hello Justin,

Upon checking you are doing great with your content. I was able to successfully upload it on my SCORM account and view it under Public Invitation. With that said I can say there's nothing wrong with the file.

What CMS are you using? Is this the first file you will upload or suddenly it just stopped working? Hopefully I can help you out.

Saurabh Chauhan

Hii Justin,

According to the above reply, your content seems fine if you let us know, which CMS you are trying to use. Only then we can be of help.

Also, I tried it uploading on WordPress using GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin, it works fine, you can check your content here:

This is a demo site, you can test as many contents you want, it supports any type of xAPI Content.

If you want to me to delete that content, I can do it or you can also delete it. Login details are given on the homepage.

I just thought this might help. Have a great day.