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Feb 14, 2013


we are working with Storyline in Moodle. The modules are published in LMS Format. When uploaded into module it looks like on the picture below. 

To the left is the Moodle navigation. In the middle the navigation created thru SCORM and to the right the actual module. Because the screen is then too narrow, user needs to scroll. 

What I would like to see is that the module pops up to full screen and the navigation in the middle is not shown. 

Any idea? It may have to be solved in Moodle. 

Any hints are highly appreciated!


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Will Bladon


There are options for size etc in the 'Player' settings these allow the browser size, player size and open in new window options to be set.

When I have uploaded packages to Moodle though I have changed the settings withing Moodle to control how big the module is. If you go into the package and go to 'Update the Scorm/AICC' there are lots of options for display size etc. I have changed the 'Stage size' dimensions to make the module fit on screen. There is probably a clever way of doing it, but I have just gone back and forwards changing the width and height, then previewing the package until it fits well on the screen.

Hope that helps

Michael Hinze

As Will already mentioned, there are lots of options in the Display Settings portion fora course. You might want to try to select "Disabled" for the 'Display course structure in player' option. That should get rid of the 'tree' shown on the left in your screen shot and leave more screenspace for the actual course window.

Raymond M

The IMS/SCORM resource tools are problematic for Moodle 2.0+, the first release which didn't show IMS/SCORM pacakes correctly. As the manager of our Moodle VLE, I got one of my system developer colleagues to look at the "sizing issue" by looking at the Moodle code. It appears the code has been hastily put together and has some sort of complicated way of sizing the IMS/SCORM player according to screen and browser size etc

In the end we "hard-coded" the Moodle code so that it displayed properly in the hope that the Moodle developers would fix it. In the end we use a Moodle "page" tool to display the Storyline package as we didn't require SCORM tracking.

Stephan Sinka


I would add that when you load the storyline zipped  SCORUM package into Moodle, set the "Disable Preview Mode" to 'Yes' . I found that if not disabled the preview & review modes change the display size of the package to a slightly smaller view.

Just curious, did you manage to get  the individual 'scenes' in Storyline to show themselves as Modules in the Moodle Table of Contents? I am searching for a way to make this happen. I have seven "scenes" in the Storyline build but they are being lumped together into one module in Moodles Table of Contents. Any ideas would be most appreciated.



Stephan Sinka

Yes Nick I did try unfortunatelty the Published Storyline with its seven scenes atill show in Moodle as a single module in the table of contents. I've loaded other scorum packages ( not from storyline) and individual modules are listed. I assumed Scenes in Storyline would be the equivalent, trouble is getting Moodle to see it.

Ashley Any suggestions in how I could publish Storyline differently in order to show the scenes as individual modules?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephan,

I'm not very familiar with the set up in Moodle, but when you have multiple scenes in one Storyline project, I'd expect it to be treated as one item or module. If you'd like them to be separated, you could import the content from each scene into a new Storyline separate project following these directions here.  They won't be connected in the sense that a user can't jump from scene 1 to scene 4 for example. 

Stephan Sinka

Thanks Ashley, As I mentioned to Nick I do have a scorum package that was not created with storyline and it displays the scenes as individual modules in Moodle , so it is possible I just need to find out how to with Storyline ( in the publishing) or perhaps in Moodle( under settings). I can only imagine that the whole point of having individual scenes is to preserve that form when you publish to an LMS. Just read another Articulate post about SCO's...will try and follow that thread as well. Do let me know if you come across any other suggestions!

Stephan Sinka

Thanks Raymond for the suggestion but unfortunately that "clunky" Moodle seems to do a good ob of tracking the progression and at the same time visually displaying that progress for the learner. I thought that was the sole purpose of an LMS. Besides the grade book is essential when dealing with 100's of participants simultaneously, our administration of the course depends on it!


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