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I have attended a few Articulate Live Webinars now. Yesterday (Sept 4th) in the middle of the webinar I lost audio and visual and then was kicked out. During other webinars, the audio was so spotty I could not follow what was going on. Despite having the recording later, I find the webinars a bit lacking due to the audio issue and simply losing the connection.

Am I the only person having trouble with the webinars?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello gg,

Sorry that you had some issues with the webinar.

We monitor the webinars in real time. If we experience an issue with the data stream at our end, we'll make note of it and cancel/reschedule the webinar if it's not something that can be resolved. However, we haven't had any issues with the webinar connections at our end.

Generally, issues like choppy audio/lost signal, etc, are signs of a diminished network connection at the participant's end. There are a number of reasons why that happens (limited bandwidth, bad connection, organization throttles the data, etc). 

A quick fix is to logout and come back in to see if you get a better connection. If you still experience the issue you can check your network speed or contact the Gotowebinar support team to see if they can offer any tips. Also, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements for the webinar.

We do record all of the sessions and make those available after the webinars, so if you can't resolve the issue, at least you'll get a recording. Hope that helps.