Articulate Mobile App - Back end loading

Jun 26, 2013

Hey Articulate Gurus...

Here's a question for you. I have access to my file folders on my iPad 2 and specifically my Articulate Mobile App folders. I'm trying to locate the folder where it stores Storyline modules for "offline' viewing. Theoretically, I should be able to fill that folder with my various output files. Can you share which folder this is?

I can see:

  • Documents
  • Library
  • StoreKit
  • tmp 
  • and a couple of iTunes records

I can drill down into each of the folders



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Justin Grenier

Hi, Rob.

This is the only supported method for distributing content for the Articulate Mobile Player.  We have not documented (nor can we support) accessing the stored contents of the Articulate Mobile Player via any other method.

If you'd like to share more about your end goals, perhaps the community can weigh in on alternative methods to achieve them.  Thanks!

Rob Anderson

ok... Thanks Justin... It's not an enterprise initiative or anything. I was just looking for an easy way to have my portfolio of content 'live' on my iPad for interviews and samples. With all of the samples I have, I was looking for an easy way to load them besides publishing out to a server and pulling it down.


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