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Jun 22, 2016

I publish some courses to our LMS and chose to use the Articulate Mobile Player.

When I run it in my iPAD it tells me that I need the App and get a number of buttons to get it from the App store. None of which work.

I have downloaded it from the App store (which rather alarminglky gives it very very poor reviews for what seems like the issues I am having) and when I run my course it tells me to install it again...but I can't...and so on.

This is very frustrating - am I doing something wrong. It appears that this is a common problem and if so does anyone have any solutions to this?

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Mark Vause

Hi Christie

Thanks for this. I looked at the information in the link and it was useful. (There is a link to that on the App Store page but it is out of date and references Storyline 1. I suppose this was why the files to edit were different and why it didn't work!.) I also had missed a few updates, even though I have my storyline set to check. I have updated and edited the files and seems to work (albeit a bit slow to load) so thank you for your help.



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