Articulate Mobile Player - Android devices launching desktop version.

Jun 21, 2016

I have my courses working on iOS perfectly.  However, android devices seem to open the normal desktop version of the course, instead of the mobile launch page.  Does anyone have any ideas what to try?

My LMS is Cornerstone, and required the iFrame fix detailed in this article:

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas!

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chris b.

Thanks for the help!  I've been through the common questions, and didn't find anything of use

Here is how it works on iOS and how I'm expecting it to work on Android:

  1. Login to LMS and Launch Course in Mobile Browser.
  2. Mobile browser opens popup window.  Instead of directly playing in flash/html5 (as it does on desktop, and currently does on Android), I expect to see the Articulate page that offers the ability to Launch the course in the AMP or download the AMP from the Play store.  For clarity, I attached image of this page below from iOS.  This is the step I appear to be missing on Android operation and am trying to resolve.
  3. Once in the AMP, user can download for offline viewing or play the course.  These options were enabled in Storyline pre-export.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alain,

Are you also using Cornerstone as your LMS? Are you trying to launch the course in the  Articulate Mobile player that you download from the app store, if so, you'd need to have published with Tin Can API likely (which I don't know if Cornerstone supports that). If you're trying to use the Cornerstone mobile app - I'll have to defer to the community or your LMS Team. 

If you're just trying to get to the HTML5 content, that should load in your regular Chrome browser on Android, and you'll want to double check that it's the Chrome browser vs. the built in Android browser. 

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