Articulate Mobile player App 2.12 notworking after update, v1.76 w

I had articulate v1.76 on my iPAD and it was working fine till yesterday, TinCan API. I have updated the app v2.12 today and it started NOT working. It keeps say "Unable to Connect to Server"

WIFI and internet connections are fine. Our LMS was worked well with v1.76.

Is anyone else experiecing the same problem? Any idea what is causing an issue on the new updates.

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Neil Chandarana

Hi Senthil,

Hope that you are well.

We are actually having the same problems as you since Articulate have updated their application on the IPAD. 

We also have an internal LMS, could I please ask if you were able to resolve this issue? If so can you give us any heads up as to what we need to change.

Please get back to me when you can, this would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Neil Chandarana