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Aug 16, 2013

Hi everyone, 

I have a question regarding Articulate Mobile Player and LMS. Our LMS is Cornerstone on Demand. When I launched the course, the LMS will only load the HTML5 version of the course. It won't automatically launch the Articulate Mobile Player even the app was installed on the iPad. I had the "Include HTML5 Output" and "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" options checked in publishing.

My question is why it does not load the "selection" screen such as the one shown below. It was always directed to the HTML5 version. 


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Jeff Nauman

Sorry if this is redundant or reviving an overworked thread, but I'm afraid I'm becoming more confused the more I research this topic. One of my clients is looking to upgrade from SL1 to SL2. Their worldwide user environment consists of every possible mobile device in both Apple and Android configs. All content and validation MUST be tracked in the LMS, but their LMS is archaic- no TinCan support and they specify a requirement to publish all content in AICC (an updated LMS is not in the foreseeable future). Given these client requirements, am I correctly understanding that:

1. Publishing for the Articulate Mobile Player is not an option for their user base due to a non-TinCan LMS, therefore no tracking possible?

2. Publishing for HTML5 is the only option left for those with non-flash output?

3. Aside from the programmatic improvements in motion and other features,  were there significant improvements or does HTML5 remain problematic and glitchy for iPad and Android users even in SL2? 

4. (Opinions welcome) I'm attempting to properly advise client, but perhaps due to client's reluctance to consider a new LMS, I should recommend they stick with SL1 and endure their current program until a better LMS is acquired?

Thanks so much for your thoughts!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

You may want to review some of the information here in regards to our release notes as all the various updates also included particular HTML5 fixes. Similarly here is a good chart that demonstrates the Flash vs. HTML5 vs. AMP. 

If your LMS doesn't support Tin Can, you'll want to only publish for HTML5 and then depending on how your users are accessing it they'll be shown the Flash or the HTML5 output. 

Kerstin Kapsberger


We use Storyline 2 and CornerstoneOnDemand. We have an issue with resuming courses via Cornerstone's mobile app. The player and publishing settings are identical, but for some courses the Resume button is empty ( i.e. you are unable to resume the course via Cornerstone's mobile app), for other courses it is available and works as expected. 

We have reported the issue to Cornerstone, and the response we got was: 

“For the empty resume button, I would first check with the vendor that this is coded to be there.”

For all courses, Prompt to resume is selecting for the player.

Are there any other settings I should be using?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kerstin!

Hopefully some of your fellow community members utilizing the app will be able to assist. This is not a supported viewing environment as detailed here. If it is working in the supported environments it seems it may be limited to your LMS mobile app. I know we have many Cornerstone users in the forums though and you can find many here.

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