Articulate Storyline 2 and Moodle Mobile (app)

Feb 01, 2017


I have a question regarding Articulate Storyline 2 and Moodle Mobile (app).  My client has requested that in the course material we insert Reflections (which would be an area where they would type in information).  I have set these reflections up as Freeform text entry slides.  The problem is that these pages are not pulling through the information into the Moodle app.  So, the text that we are typing in these areas is not reflecting in the reporting on Moodle.

I am not sure if it is a Storyline problem or a Moodle problem, but I am hoping that someone has had experience with this in the past.



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Dan Marsden

Just to confirm - this works when you run the SCORM in the native Moodle player? - but it doesn't work when using the Mobile App? - if so that is probably a bug with the Moodle Mobile app which uses it's own built-in SCORM player.

Make sure you are publishing the package as SCORM 1.2 and not SCORM 2004 and if you are still having an issue just with the mobile app, please create a new thread in the community forums so we can take a look. It would help a lot if you can supply a public SCORM package that lets us reproduce this.

Leandra Khoury

Alyssa, thanks for the response, I am using a results slide.

Dan, thanks for the help.  I am publishing as SCORM 1.2.  I have tested Moodle using a web Browser, I am waiting for my colleagues to test the app.

When I pulled the report from the web testing, the results come out in 1 line in the excel file (I have attached the report I pulled from Moodle).  There were 3 slides where I had to input text, so it would be ideal if they were on separate lines.


Leandra Khoury

Hi Dan

So these are the results from the Moodle app test:

  • if you type the text and press entre it submits your answer and moves on to the next page, no problems (except that you might not want to move on yet but go to the next line) so not ideal
  • if you select submit, it blows up (enlarge) and a Prev/Next button appears (see what’s app) after that the Back/Next buttons don’t work only the Prev/Next buttons, hope that makes sense
  • we were able to extract the responses in an excel document see below table.

I have attached the report that we could pull and the Storyline file we are testing with.


Dan Marsden

so - you're saying that it does bring the results across? - you're just having issues with the display/way your SCORM is presented in the APP? - you might need to create some screenshots and ask for help in the community forums but you should probably check with the rustici scormcloud to see if it works well there first.

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