Articulate Storyline 2 problem via Cornerstone / CSOD

Thought I would share an issue we've come across with a course we developed in Articulate Storyline 2 and are hosting on Cornerstone OnDemand:

A user is still marked as "Incomplete" despite having a score of 89% when the passing score is only 80%. The score is also another strange outcome as there are only 10 questions in the quiz. We were expecting all scores to be in multiples of 10.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Would love to hear anyone's insights on the issue. Thank you in advance for any input anyone has :)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nicole.  Thanks for reaching out.  

Can you let me know some information so I can help with troubleshooting?

  • What version of SCORM are you using to publish your course?
  • What are your tracking options?  (passed/failed, passed/incomplete, etc)
  • Did you make any changes on the scoring of any question?
  • Is this happening on the first time through the quiz, or with a retry?

Of course, if you'd like to share your .story file here, I'm happy to have a closer look and run some tests!

Nicole Sarmiento

Hi Crystal, thanks for responding. Here's some information about the course:

  • Published in SCORM 1.2
  • Using passed/failed for tracking
  • We didn't make any scoring changes to any of the questions but the questions are being drawn from different banks to give each user a random 10-question quiz
  • This case happened with a retry

I'll try to come up with a sanitized .story file that I can share as our content is confidential but this isn't the first time that the weird scoring has occurred for us so its been a recurring issue. Although, this might be the first time the said passing score (89%) wasn't enough for Cornerstone to mark the user as complete for a course.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Nicole for all the added info!

If you can't share your .story file here, you could always test it in SCORM Cloud as a start and see if you receive the same results there. Always a good first step to narrow the root of the issue - the file or the LMS. Also, if you're able to share privately, you can upload it to me here, and I'll be happy to test it outside of ELH.

You mentioned ten questions, but did they all have the same amount of points assigned? You can check this in the Form View of each quiz slide. That could account for the odd score of 89%. 

Also, what update of Storyline 2 are you using? The most recent is Update 13.