Articulate Storyline and Cornerstone LMS

Sep 06, 2012

Does anyone have any important information I need to know in order to successfully publish a Storyline title to the Cornerstone LMS? I don't have access to the LMS, my client administers this on their own and I'm not allowed to "touch" it in any way... that all leads to this:

I created a Storyline course about 2 months ago for them. I published and tested it on the SCORM cloud - worked great. I pass off the files to their LMS admin and she claims the file won't upload. I try 1.2, 2004, AICC to no avail... nothing seems to want to publish for this course to their LMS. 

Long story short I made the choice to redevelop the course in Presenter (thanks again Jeanette~this is a follow-up to the quiz review/customization of the results query you answered for me!!!) and now I figured since I can do what my client wants in Storyline, maybe I should try again...but I can't get over the issues of the file uploading to their LMS.

According to the LMS admin, the Articulate course published the title but not the 'code, version and duration'. If anyone can point me in the right direction to get this file published properly for their LMS I'd really appreciate it! 

Please note: I'm VERY new to Storyline... I used it to create this one course and haven't used it please be patient with me!

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Jacqueline Hutchinson

Thank you  Peter, I had looked at those threads already and while somewhat helpful they didn't provide me with enough info to resolve my issues.  I likely should have just responded to the one thread rather than begin a new post, but I was hoping there would be more recent experiences in this regard.

If there is anything anyone can add or best practices to successfully publish both Articulate and Storyline titles to Cornerstone LMS I'd really appreciate it.

Brian Allen

Hello Jacqueline,

No best practices for Cornerstone specifically...  Here is a link to publishing options, section 5 talks about reporting and tracking options:

In our LMS version and duration are not imported from the SCORM info, but course title and "code" are.  I've found that if enter my course title under "Title" and my course code under "Identifier" under LMS Course Information in the reporting and tracking options, that these get pulled into my course settings when importing the SCORM course.  

Based on this, I can assume that if you also use the version and duration fields that these values may populate in Cornerstone?

Speaking from the position of a LMS administrator, these are fields that can be easily entered in after the SCORM package is imported.

Andrew Breyer

Hello. I'm publishing my first course with Storyline and Cornerstone and came across your post while researching an issue I was having with the mail to links not working in Cornerstone, but working when testing via the web. Strangely, I did get it working by recreating the trigger so not sure what the issue was there.

I am having no issues publishing courses when using the option to publish to LMS with the output of scorm 1.2. When the publishing completes, I click on the zip option and upload that zip file into Cornerstone. I'm not sure if that helps at all since its the same steps we take with Presenter but figured I'd let you know that it does work.

I decided to test your issue with the version and duration since I will probably need to use that in the future (and also needed to retest my mail to issue). I updated the information in the course and republished it but it did not carry over into Cornerstone. There is a workaround for this is when you're in the publisher, after uploading and prior to publishing, you can update the version and duration manually there

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