Articulate Storyline and LearnDash

Dec 11, 2013

I have created 10 different storyline courses which are mainly quiz based. I want to use LearnDash with WordPress as my LMS and want students to be able to take the range of quizzes and then for the group leader to be able to get the results. I have looked at the quizzing in LearnDash but they look much better and are more interactive using Storyline. Does anyone know how I could have the Storyline quiz on LearnDash and then how those results could be reported back? As far as I can see, any results (ie. exact scores/percentages etc.) can only be tracked through using the quizzes on LearnDash and that's really not an option for me!

Grateful for any suggestions.


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Pankaj Agrawal


This is an odd post, but I am replying because the post is being referenced in other places and might help others.

If you use GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS it will send back scores to LearnDash from Articulate Content.

If Completion Tracking feature in GrassBlade is enabled, the lesson/quiz is marked complete as soon as the Articulate content is completed, and the users cannot progress to next lesson unless they actually complete the content. 

You can even award certificates based on scores in Articulate quiz. 


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