Articulate Storyline and LearnDash

Dec 27, 2013

I want to be able to sell my Articulate Storyline courses using LearnDash as my LMS. I don't necessarily need any tracking at this stage (this is something I may integrate later though). Is there an easy way to ensure that Storyline works fully with LearnDash? I've read other comments about using WAX LRS and Saltbox though as I don't need tracking I'm not sure that I need this. All I basically want is for users to access the courses and then be able to print their results using the in-built Storyline feature.

Any advice is welcome!


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Hello Hello1

Thanks Phil - does that mean I have to have an LRS such as Grassblade/Saltbox? I had though simply using the results function on Storyline would suffice. I only want students to take a quiz and let them see the results at the end - maybe print them at the end so they have a record. I have used Storyline in this way on Moodle so was hoping it could be used in the same way.


Pankaj Agrawal

If you don't want to use an LRS, you can publish it without Tin Can API. i.e. Publish as HTML5 content. And, you will be able to upload and us it on LearnDash.

You will need GrassBlade xAPI Companion 

If you want to be able to track completions, i.e. want to be able to restrict progress without completing one Articulate lesson to another, you will need Tin Can API and GrassBlade LRS

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