Articulate Storyline Integration Plugin for LearnDash LMS - Now Available Through Global WP Plugin Repository

Jun 15, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick follow up to a previous message I posted to this discussion board (

I wanted to let you know that I have now made this add-on plugin for LearnDash available through the WordPress Global Repository! 

I have also produced a video which you can find on this page that shows off what the plugin can do, as well as provide some simple to follow instructions.

I hope that this continues to be of help and value to course creators out there using Articulate Storyline, and LearnDash LMS as their learning management solution.

Many Thanks,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Key Learning,

This conversation is a bit dated, so I'm not sure if Chris is still subscribed here.

I've seen users share images of double menus before that needed to be adjusted within the LMS to display the Storyline Player only, so hopefully, your LMS team or another user in the community will be able to chime in and help you out with that setting.

Chris Hodgson

So just to clarify what you are asking would have nothing to do with the plugin that I have developed and might be something that you would need to explore with Articulate.

As far as I am aware the left/right hand navigation panel generated by Storyline directly links to slides within your presentation and cannot be manually programmed or overwritten to link to external URLs. Instead if you wanted to build a custom menu which did link externally then you would need to set this up as perhaps a slide layer within your presentation that users could toggle on and off.

But my question would be why exactly you would want to do that? Because keep in mind that when the user opens up a new lesson or topic page in the course, that page will then have to have its own separate Storyline presentation contained within anyway. I also find the lesson/topic navigation generated by LearnDash to be particularly useful as it will highlight when a page has been visited and marked as complete, so it is a handy visual representation to the user of their progress through the course.


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