Articulate Storyline Update Issues

Hi everyone.

At the end of last year, I acquired a license of Articulate Storyline through work, for the purpose of work. When I recently returned from my holiday leave, I went to open Storyline to finally check it out when it prompted me for an update, version 2 I believe which was released December 14, 2012 last year.

I downloaded the update and went to install, but half way through the installation there was an error, but it seemed to continue to install and then was apparently completed. When I tried to open Storyline, it instantly crashed on me, giving me the Microsoft error message with the 'Send Report' 'Don't Send' options etc.

I tried a few more times, including restarting my computer but the same results applied. So I uninstalled Storyline from the Control Panel (completely removing all aspects of it) and then reinstalling it, without the update. The results are the same, it continues to crash. I thought I would try and redownload and reinstall the update and see if that could change anything. The same little error pops up during the update installation, the install appears complete but the program continues to crash when I try to open it.

I'm not exactly quite sure what to do. I have contacted the Articulate Support team regarding this manner and the automated response suggested to contact the community forums in the mean time.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or something similar? Any possible solutions or work arounds?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Craig. Welcome to the community!

I took a look and found the support case you submitted (case #00316451 for my reference). I do see that Jayem sent you a message last night with some troubleshooting steps. I just wanted to check with you to make sure you received his message. If not, you may want to check any spam folders and set as a safe sender.

If you have received the response and you're no longer experiencing the crashing, please let me know and I will make a note on the case. If you are able to find the email and you're still experiencing this issue, please respond to Jayem so we can continue to work with you.

Thanks, Craig!