Articulate unresponsive, task manager says its still running fine

Jan 25, 2016

What should I do? Articulate Storyline suddenly froze up on me, I went to kill the process but the task manager says its still running fine!

It is very confusing to me that the program is clearly frozen and unresponsive, yet my computer is unaware that storyline is having an issue. So far its been about 20 minutes and articulate is still stuck where I left it.

Is there any chance I don't have to end the process and I can save the work I did? I won't lose that much work, but it would be nice not to have to redo the parts that wont be auto-recovered.

It seemed to freeze right as I pasted an object from the base layer to a new layer if that helps. I feel like I've posted about this issue before, but I cant seem to find the topic I made.

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Steve Gannon


While this generally wouldn't occur while pasting an object, perhaps Storyline opened a dialog box, but by the time it did so, you had already clicked on the main Storyline window bringing it back to the foreground over the dialog box. I sometimes have this happen with Storyline, in which case I just press ALT+TAB until I see the dialog box in my row of active windows, select that window and click 'OK' or 'Cancel' or whatever is needed to close the dialog box.

Not sure if that's the issue you're experiencing but worth a look. 


Walt Hamilton

With the intent of broadening community knowledge:

I typed this into google

site: unresponsive

and found  this link

I know that I have had problems if I forget to end editing a state. I have many times thought nothing was responding, although in truth, neither of these seem to me like they are what you are experiencing right now.

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