Articulates choices that force me to use uncommon filenames when publishing

Dec 13, 2016

So I need to vent some more: As is the case with 99% of all software I know, the USER is able to decide what his file names will be And what his folder names will be when saving or publishing. This is not the case with Storyline. Why am I being forced to have every project I publish have the same names: story.html, story_unsupported.html, story_html5.html. This wouldn't be half as bad if it weren't for the equally UN user-friendly folder naming "system" forced on me, which creates folder names that are not really usable when publishing on the web: "this is the title of my project but not the filename - Storyline output"

Another issue that's been discussed for years now here in the forums. Thanks for making me have to rename everything again before uploading it onto the web.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

I know you had previously mentioned it in this earlier forum discussion, asking for it to be a part of the next update - which didn't make it to Articulate 360. All those files you're seeing are the files that are created and needed as a part of the publish process, and they each have a different function for the course (story.html directing to Flash output, story_html5.html directing to HTML5 output, and so on). 

I'm not aware of your specific web environment and how things have to be renamed, but if there are additional details you'd like to share with us about the structure and the need for different file naming I'm happy to pass that along to our team. 

gary vey

thanks for your answer. Folder names generated by are not acceptable for web publishing on unix systems - spaces, special characters ... etc.

Of course if one names his project without spaces or special characters this is not a problem. The flipside is that the name of the project isn't very user-friendly "this_is_my_project_which_i_had_to_name_this_way" ...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for coming back around and sharing that, and in the meantime I'd recommend also sharing more detail about the pain point you have within the Unix system for publishing as a part of an official feature request as well. Additionally you could look at removing the title as an option from the Storyline player, as that would be the main location within the Storyline course where they user would see the project/file name. 

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