Assets appear in slightly different placement in a slide in editing mode vs. published or preview mode

Aug 07, 2023

Anytime I add an arrow or box around something on a slide, I will align it perfectly to the slide image, however, when previewing or publishing the module, the placement is different. It's only usually off by 2-4 "pixels", but it's enough to where the screenshot items I am trying to point to or put a box around are no longer perfectly aligned. I've been using Storyline for 7 years or so and this has always been an issue. The only way I know how to work around this issue is by placing the arrows/boxes, previewing the slide, and then moving the arrow/box out of alignment down and/or left a couple of times, re-previewing to make sure it looks aligned in the preview (even though it's no longer aligned in the non-preview mode)...and then readjusting until it appears correctly in the preview. My screen is set at Zoom = 100%. Is there any resolution for this issue?


In the attachments you can see examples. SL 3 and 4 (image names) show the slide view. SL 1 and 2 show the preview mode view. You can see how the alignment looks almost aligned in the preview mode, while in the slide view mode they are very much out of alignment in order to see them more aligned in the preview mode. 

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