Assigning Points by Choice - Multiple Choice

Jul 26, 2020

I am having trouble creating a quiz that will score based on which answers a user selects within a question (instead of scoring for the entire question). 

The forms on here including this help page say that within the graded quiz options one can assign points by answer choice instead of by question IF one uses the Multiple Choice style of question. 

I am using Storyline 360 and do not have this option when I choose Graded Quiz--> Multiple Choice--> Form View. (see attached photos)

Was there an update to Storyline that removed this feature or am I doing this wrong?  I cannot find any forms that talk about this feature in the last year. 

Thanks for your help



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Rudi Romaine

Hi Dave,

 Thanks for your help. When I select the Score drop-down there are not options beside "By Question" You can see in the photos I attached in the original question what my view looks like for these. Is there some setting I need to change first to allow "By Choice" to appear?



Ren Gomez

Hi Breann,

I appreciate you sharing a need for a partial scoring for a multiple response question.

Since we don't already have this feature in Storyline 360, we are continuing to track customer impact and update our report. I'll be sure to add your plus one and report back to this discussion when I have an update.

Sofia Friedman

So just to clarify... "pick all that apply" is an "all or nothing" type of question. A user has to either select ALL correct possibilities to receive credit or they get the question wrong? 


Ex: Sample questions -pick all that apply (3 points)

A: Correct Choice 1

B: Incorrect Choice 1

C: Correct Choice 2

D: Correct Choice 3

E: Incorrect Choice 2


The user HAS to select A. C, D to get the 3 points for this question. If they select A and C, but not D they questions will be marked incorrect and they receive zero points? 



Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Sofia. 

Thank you for reaching out!

You are correct:

Multiple Response

Multiple Response is a graded question that requires the learner to select all the correct choices from a maximum of 10 possible choices. You can set any number of correct choices.

You can read about all the question types available in Storyline 360 in the article below:

I hope this helps!