Asynchronity of embedded Play/Pause-Button and Video Controls

Apr 30, 2013


I would like to use the video controls for the HTML5 export of a articulate storyline project. Integrating the controls into the video area is easy with using the checkbox in storyline. But I want to use a Play/Pause-Button in my interface in addition. Is it possible to synchronzie this button with the video controls?

When I click pause in the video controls, the button in my interface stil shows pause - although the video is paused.. I can click it twice to play the video again - or click play in the controls bar in video area to start the video again. 

But I am searching for an option to synchronize the button with the video. At least I am searching for an option to chnange the state of my own pause/play-button according to the media. For example: an option to change state of play-button into hidden, if the video is playing.

Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

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Boris Wesemann

Thank you for your tipp!

I tried to do it my own - but without success. I learned how to write variables in dependence to video-mode (pause, play, etc.) with the help of this intstructions:

It worked well in a normal html script. but how to implement this "video.addEvent" stuff into articulate? Do I have to implement it? 

 > change state of "play/pause" button > to state normal > when variable changes > ...

But how to tell the variable to change when video is paused? I can tell the variable to change when the user clicks on video for example. but this is not exactly what i want... 

Can you please precise how to read out the video-mode?

Thank you very much. 

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