Audio and Video out of sync when using Seekbar

I have a number of different courses where I have recorded video using Storyline. I have then exported the video, converted it to an audio file, edited the audio with Audacity, and then inserted the audio file back into the slide. When I play the video everything works fine until I use the seekbar. If I try to use the seekbar the video jumps to the right part but the audio doesn't jump with the video. The audio just keeps on playing. I'm sure there is an easy solution to this but I'm a new user and don't know what it is. Please help Storyline experts.


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Pat Daley

Hi - Storyline is such a user-friendly product. I really appreciate this support community! 

Unfortunately, I'm still encountering this bug in Articulate 360. When triggers and audio/video are on the same slide, synchronization is compromise after moving the seekbar. 

Can anyone please help with a solution for this issue in 360? It is critical to my enterprise's time-sensitive solution for a major training initiative.  

Thanks so much! 

Ren Gomez

Hi Pat, 

The community is a supportive bunch and I'm glad you're finding good help here! I see that you've connected with our Support Team on this snag, so I recommend following up with Mark on uploading your file and sharing details to get to the bottom of this!

He'll be able to troubleshoot your file and share some further guidance!

Jean-Guy  Boulay

Hi Pat, my experience with this issue has been the fps of the movie imported. If I import anything other than 30fps I end up with synch issues. Even if the video is 29.97fps. Whenever I get a video that doesn't match I do a conversion in aftereffects using interpolation.  

Hope this helps and good luck.