audio buttons

Jan 07, 2014

How do you create buttons to start, pause, and continue, and restart an audio clip?  Also, how do you show a progress bar for an audio clip?



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Michael Hinze

Here is an example with buttons for Play/Pause/Restart. As for the progress bar, there is no built-in option (other than the slide seek bar) for it. From the top of my head, you could save an audio file in some video format, import this 'video' into Storyline and then use the built-in video controls to show a progress bar.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz,

It looks like Michael has you covered here for play/pause/restart, and I wanted to point you to this thread with a number of examples of progress bars.  Additionally, if you're looking to use Michael's method on showing the video controls, here is a tutorial on working with the video properties. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Liz, thought I'd pop in also in case you're looking for a video tutorial on creating the play/pause (toggle) button, I created one (a Screenr) a while back here.

It's for video, but the steps for creating the Play/Pause button would be the same for audio. One note: In the tutorial, you'll notice that in the Pause state, SL correctly shows the word Pause, but incorrectly still displays the play icon. To avoid this, simply removed the button's visited state. You could do that at about 1:00 (minute) in on the tutorial, where the button states are being edited.

Guess I should redo the tutorial to include that step...need to find time!

And I was going to suggest what Michael, did regarding converting the audio to video format if you want to show a progress bar.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Elisabeth,

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm just now going through email that has piled up.

What Phil Mayor discovered is that if you remove the "Visited" State for the button, the selected state shows up properly.

So, you need to Edit the button's states:

  • Click the Play/Pause button on your slide
  • Click the States tab
  • Click Edit states (see rectangle in screenshot)

Then, you want to delete the Visited state

  • Click the visited state (see yellow highlight)
  • Click the red X (see the arrow in screen shot)
  • Click the Done Editing States button

Now when you play/pause the video, the pause graphic will display properly.

Any other questions, please shout out. 

Kira Litvin

I'm using this button but it has variables attached that I'm not sure I understand. The normal state is fwd arrow/play. I want to have the audio pause, change state to selected (i've edited this in states). What I don't understand is when the variable is true or false! How would I get the audio to replay from the start? (learner wants to "rewind")