Audio Cutting Out in LMS & SCORM Cloud, but not Review 360

The files are working fine in Storyline 360, 360 Review. However, when the file is put into a SCORM file and loaded to our LMS and SCORM Cloud audio cuts out. I was able to correct this issue with the first module by publishing the file to SCORM a second time. However, this is not working with the second module (see attached). The Learning Outcomes and Encouraging slides have their audio cut out. At times the narrative can be heard, but not the music. Not sure what to check next. Thanks. 

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Ren Gomez
Hi Claire,
Thanks for sharing your output file. I was able to confirm in SCORM Cloud that the audio is cutting out, so great call on opening a support case!
I see it's been escalated, so you should hear from us soon. You're in excellent hands, and I'll also follow the case as it progresses!