Audio does not play on every slide

Nov 16, 2012


I have inserted audio on power point slides

Imported the slides into storyline

Many of the slides won't play the audio file when it is run from a web site

All the audio plays when it is run from the app on an iPad

Any suggestions?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Karen!

That is strange that they'll play on iPad, but not on the web. Have you tried using a different web browser to view the presentation? If you're using Internet Explorer, try viewing the website in Google Chrome or Firefox and see if the same slides have issues playing the audio. If it's only happening in one browser, we may need to see if it's an issue with the settings, or the type of audio that's playing (or attempting to play).

If it happens in all of the browsers, we may need to take a closer look at the problem. Would you mind submitting a support case, so we can look at the files? Please include your .story file with the case.

I'm also curious to see what might be causing this. If you do open a case, please share the case number with me (either in this thread, or in a private message) and I'll follow along with the progress of the case.


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