Audio editing plays back choppy audio

Hi. Audio editing has always needed some babying, for example, I have to be sure to save after every single edit because I know it might crash at some point. But I now have a new problem, and have discovered from a co-worker it has always been a problem for her. When opening the audio edit window after working in the storyline file for a bit, the audio plays back very choppy. One must close the program and open it fresh and go directly to the audio editor for it to play back nicely for editing.

Is there an issues list that this can be added to?

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Colin McRoberts

Version 3.18.16449.0. (Incidentally, Storyline unhelpfully closes the "about storyline" panel if you tab away from the program, making in unnecessarily annoying to share that information.)


This happens irregularly when I am adding captions to files. There seem to be two problems. One is that bluetooth headphones cause stuttering, forcing me to break out an older wired pair. I can't say for sure that it's just an Articulate problem, only that I haven't encountered such stuttering using any other software.


But even with the wired headphones, sometimes audio files seem to become corrupted and stutter. This seems to affect the file itself, because closing and reopening it (using wired headphones the whole time) doesn't resolve the stuttering. 

You can hear the stuttering in this published audio test:

I'm also attaching the Storyline file for your review.

There are two audio files embedded there. The first is corrupted, the second isn't. Both were fine before importing into Storyline, and in fact the first file played fine until I tried to add captions to it. (But sometimes the stuttering starts before I add captions, as soon as I import the audio file.)

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for that information and the additional details Colin.

I could hear the choppy audio in your example.

I did want to mention that we are now on Update 20 of Storyline 360 and you can check out the details and download the latest update here. This will also repair your software in case anything is awry with your install.

You mentioned that the audio was fine prior to importing to Storyline. Were you able to test in another file to see if you experienced the same result?

If you'd like to share the audio files with us, we can certainly take a look.

Leslie McKerchie

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Colin McRoberts

The audio files are fine when played in any software prior to being inserted into the project, then they become corrupted. It's an intermittent thing. 


We've finished the audio portion of this project for now, so I can't confirm whether or not updating the software fixed the issue. I'll let you know if it crops up again.

Mark McEvoy

Hi! I'd just like to say that I'm encountering this problem too. On SL 2. Never encountered it before. We did upgrade about 10 months ago to Windows 10. Is it possible that the OS clashes with SL code re: audio? When previewing any slide, all seems fine. It's when trying to edit, or playing back through the Preview button that the choppiness is present.