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Steve Lee

Thanks fellas, 

Yep I already use many audio editors and just wondered whether this feature was part of storyline. a pity, because it's a very basic function I think. But I'll keep using things like audacity and audition. I was just hoping to do as much inside storyline as possible.

No sweat, it's pretty great for what it does do rather than what it doesn't. 

Thanks for the replies.


Vincent Scoma

Hey Emma,

Thank you for reaching out! 

You can import the file into the Audio Editor and place it into the middle of an existing file. You will want to be sure that the file you are importing is already cropped and saved to contain those 4 seconds you want to use. This guide should help when working with audio clips - Storyline 360: Editing Audio

I made a quick video for you showing the process of adding an audio file into the middle of an existing file: Cropping/Editing Audio Files.  

Please let us know if you need anything else!