Audio file size - 1 long clip-cropped, or many short clips.

Sep 04, 2015

I have a long audio clip (5 minutes), and will be inserting portions of that clip on a series of slides (5-30 seconds per slide).  

Should I insert the clip on each slide and then crop down to what I need? Or will my file size be smaller if I cut the long clip into individual clips in a program like Audacity before inserting each clip onto the correct slide?

I guess what would determine this is whether cropping an audio file in the built-in Audio Editor reduces the file size.

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Daniel Mitchell

Turns out cropping the files DOES dramatically reduce file size, both of the STORY file, and the output content. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to "uncrop" the audio after saving and re-opening.

I ran 4 tests with a very basic project including nothing but an audio (.mp3) clip on blank slides: One slide with full audio, two slides with full audio, one slide with cropped audio and two slides with cropped audio.

FullAudio_x01 Story = 7.46MB
FullAudio_x01 Output = 7.90MB

FullAudio_x02 Story = 3.25GB
FullAudio_x02 Output = 14.10MB

CroppedAudio_x01 Story = 96.10KB
CroppedAudio_x01 Output = 1.67MB

CroppedAudio_x02 Story = 14.9MB
CroppedAudio_x02 Output = 1.73MB

My conclusion, it is fine to leave all the audio in one longer file, and on projects like this one, I will just insert the whole clip into each slide, then crop down to what I need for that slide.

If anyone feels otherwise, please let me know. I am always open to learning more!

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