Audio Issue

Jun 12, 2015


I have a product video on my base layer which I want to pause at certain points so that I can incorporate slide layers containing ‘Explainers’.

I also have a music track accompanying the video which ideally I would like to continue running throughout the incorporation of the layers.

As it stands I’m pausing the main timeline which pauses the video whilst the layers come in but that obviously also pauses the audio as well. I’ve tried putting the track on the layers but it sounds terrible because it becomes out of sync when the timeline starts again and the layer closes.

Does anyone have any clever suggestions as to how I could do this?

Thanks for your help


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Sagar Mavale

Hi Phil,

Check the attached file.

Change the layer property - pause timeline of base layer - to checked.

Hide other layer layers - Uncheck

Do not allow seeking.

Add a new layer which will only have the audio (loop if needed).

This layer will be displayed when Timeline of base layer starts.

For Continue to the video Two different styles used for Layer 01 and Layer 02. 

Check in the file.

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